Boating, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving  – all wonderful ways to enjoy the amazing waterways in and around Florida. Enjoying the natural beauty of Florida can be part of a healthy and energetic life, but along with all the fun, we need to keep safety in mind.

Divers, help protect yourself by using a dive flag/buoy when you are swimming, diving or snorkeling. These divers-down devices warn boaters to use caution because people are in the water. If you came by boat, be sure to display a flag from the highest point of the vessel so it is visible from all directions, but only when people are in the water.

Boaters, try to stay at least 300 feet away from any divers-down warning device in open waters, and at least 100 feet away in narrow waterways such as rivers, inlets, or channels. By law, any time you have to get closer than this, you are required to travel at idle speed.

Together, if we pay attention to safety, we’ll all be able to positively experience the beauty that is part of living in and around Florida!

Stay safe and have fun!