The culinary landscape is continually evolving, and the latest sensation in the realm of bar food is the emergence of “trashed” or “dirty” wings. These double-fried wings are gaining popularity for their unique preparation and flavor profile. The term “trash wings” is commonly used in Missouri, while in Connecticut, they’re known as “dirt wings​​​​​​.

Originating from J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, Connecticut, dirt wings boast a more personal origin story. This method involves frying the wings, tossing them in sauce, and then frying them again to create a unique texture and intensified flavo​r.

While “trashed” or “dirty” wings are the current trend, it’s essential to acknowledge the roots of hot chicken wings in American cuisine. The first hot chicken wings, known today as Buffalo wings, were created by Teressa Bellissimo in Buffalo, New York. This culinary innovation took place at the Anchor Bar, owned by Teressa and her husband Frank. The creation of Buffalo wings was a moment that changed American culinary history and influenced the entire chicken industry.

From the humble beginnings of Buffalo wings in New York to the innovative evolution into “trashed” or “dirty” wings, the story of these spicy, saucy delights reflects the dynamic nature of American culinary creativity and the ever-changing tastes of food enthusiasts.

We think you’ll agree… they’re positively delicious!