Dunkin’ Donuts, the Canton, Massachusetts-based company is “testing the water” on a new marketing strategy that would include an extremely historic change.

Nation’s Restaurant News has reported that Dunkin’ Donuts will be experimenting with a new name of its brand at a few select locations, starting in Pasadena, California. Those stores will be renamed “Dunkin,” and will lose the sacred word, Donuts.

Now, so that Dunkin’ Donuts fans don’t begin to panic, this is a branding and signage change, not a menu change.

Dunkin’ is stating that the new name  exemplifies that they are more than just donuts and that their strong sales of other products, like coffee, will be more emphasized with the dropping of the word, “donut.”

Whether the new brand name will become permanent, or whether it will become a national change, will be up to how the change is received in California, but the change will certainly have to pass by the discerning crowds in Massachusetts, where “Dunkin” was born!