Saturday marked a special Earth Day celebration as Osceola County Commissioner Brandon Arrington, along with dedicated students from New Dimensions High School and State Representative Kristen Arrington, led a roadside cleanup near the school’s neighborhoods.

Early in the morning, Commissioner Arrington sponsored a breakfast for the group of volunteers, while they strategized how to tackle the day’s activities effectively, efficiently, and safely. The cleanup saw enthusiastic participation from students and community members, who collected numerous bags of trash, including large items like tires and batteries, all of which were disposed of properly.

District 46 State Representative Kristen Arrington also joined the efforts, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in maintaining and enhancing local environments. “Today’s Earth Day Roadside cleanup event exemplifies what we can achieve when the community comes together for a common cause. Witnessing our young volunteers from New Dimensions High School take charge in the cleanup was extremely inspiring. It’s crucial that we all contribute to preserving and enhancing our local environment.” 

Following the cleanup, Commissioner Arrington hosted an Earth Day Community Tree Giveaway at Valencia College’s Poinciana Campus. The event was a hit, with over 400 young trees finding new homes with residents throughout Osceola County. This initiative aims to not only beautify the area but also promote urban forestry and environmental sustainability within the community.

The events of the day reflect the strong community spirit and the commitment of Osceola County’s leaders and citizens to environmental stewardship.

Commissioner Arrington remarked on the success of the day’s initiatives, stating, “Today, we not only worked on cleaning up our streets but also laid down roots that will beautify and benefit our community for many years to come. It was truly inspiring to speak to students today during the cleanup, and to residents that were overwhelmingly excited to invest in our community’s future by planting trees from our tree giveaway at Valencia College. It was a great day in Osceola County!”

According to the commissioner, the roadside cleanup and the tree giveaway were part of broader efforts to promote environmental consciousness and civic responsibility among Osceola County’s residents, especially its younger population.