While we wait for our favorite retail businesses and restaurants to open, at least partially, on Monday, heading to the beach this weekend is an option for fun and recreation, as long as you can follow some special rules to further prevent the spread of coronavirus.

If you head due east out of Osceola County to Brevard, keep in mind that sitting or lying on the beach alone or in groups no more than five is now permitted, so long as six feet in all directions is respected between groups. Individual locations may also have different restrictions.

This week, Brevard County leaders voted to start removing the barriers that have blocked county-operated beach parking lots for several weeks. Work to reopen parking on its beaches started Friday and it supposed to be completed by today. Some locations, where beach renourishment projects are taking place (between Patrick Air Force Base south to Spessard Holland Park, for example) parking lots will still be closed.

Volusia County has taken off the “exercise only” clause on its beaches starting today. Beach goers are free to sit and sunbathe, along with walking, running, fishing and swimming — the only things allowed earlier in the week — just as long as they are in groups of six or less that are spaced at least 10 feet apart.

Some beachside parking areas will be open, but the county is still trying to limit parking in popular areas in order to keep crowds down, and driving on the beach is still not allowed, and the county is working on making markers so cars will be parked 25 feet apart when beach driving does return.

So go enjoy a beach day this weekend, as skies will be clear, just be sure to follow local guidelines. And put on your sunscreen!