During Thursday evening’s St. Cloud City Council meeting, Green Slate Land & Development withdrew its application to build Larson at Narcoosee, a 31.26-acre mixed-use development of apartments and townhouses off South Narcoosee Road and 15 mins south of Lake Nona.

During the City Council meeting several residents shared their opposition to the development, saying it is not compatible with the surrounding land uses and that the development will create congestion on local roads, overcrowd schools, and will put a strain on public services. Council members agreed.

Council Member Linette Matheny noted there are more than 3,000 apartments already approved in the area. “I don’t feel like we need more apartments,” Matheny said. “I received many emails from residents, and not one of them was in support of this development. I feel like low density is compatible here, not high density.”

Deputy Mayor Keith Trace added that he does not believe that Green Slate Land & Development made enough changes after hearing the concerns expressed by Council earlier this year. “I feel like nothing much changed from last time,” Trace said. “It’s still four-story apartments. Four-story just isn’t going to work in my mind.”

Matheny made a motion to deny the request to assign a Future Land Use designation of “high density residential” to the property, and Council Member Dave Askew seconded the motion. Before the vote could be taken, the applicant withdrew the request, bringing applause by several people in attendance. The request to rezone the property “Planned Unit Development” also was withdrawn.