In an exciting collaborative effort, the City of St. Cloud, the Early Learning Coalition , and United Way Heart of Florida came together to bring a Born Learning Trail to Wheel Park in St. Cloud. The Born Learning Trail, an innovative outdoor educational experience, is designed to promote early childhood development and provide fun learning opportunities for young children and their families. This initiative aims to create an interactive and engaging environment that fosters learning, exploration, and quality time spent together.

“The work of early childhood is play, and it’s through play that our children learn how to move their bodies, expand their minds, and learn about themselves, and the world around them. Play is the building block of literacy, health relationships, and a strong sense of self, all things children need for their brightest futures,” Amanda Kelkenberg, Chief Executive Officer with the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County said during the Born Learning Trail official opening.

The Born Learning Trail consists of a series of interactive signs and activities strategically placed along a walking path in the park. Each sign, painted on Wheel Park’s circular sidewalk, offers engaging prompts and activities that encourage children and their caregivers to learn and play together. From alphabet and number recognition to motor skill development and problem-solving, the trail offers a range of activities designed to enhance early childhood development.

By combining education and outdoor recreation, the trail serves as a valuable resource for families in the community. It not only promotes cognitive and physical development but also strengthens the connection between parents or caregivers and their young children.

As families visit Wheel Park, which is located next to Peghorn Park in St. Cloud, they can now embark on an exciting educational journey, fostering a love for learning and creating cherished memories along the way.