As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our community negatively, families, individuals, businesses, and organizations continue to struggle. Osceola County still has the highest unemployment rate in the state – fact that shouldn’t surprise anyone given our reliance on tourism and other service-based industries that employ so many of our residents.  So, at Thursday’s press conference, led by Commission Chairperson Viviana Janer, the main topics were food insecurity, business assistance, and residential mortgage and rent assistance.

Osceola County Commissioners released approximately $90,000 this week to continue to fight food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since April, the Board has committed more than $12 million in CDBG and CARES Act funds to help 950 households — and this number increases daily.

The Board of County Commissioners previously allocated $140,000 from its Federal CARES Act funds for fight food insecurity. Combined with other funds, about $228,000 has been used for this purpose as many residents recovering from the financial impacts of this ongoing crisis have increased the demand on local food pantries.

“Osceola County is committed to taking steps to raise awareness about the need to combat hunger in our community and to help provide additional resources that residents need. These funds make sure that our vital community non-profits are able to serve our residents during this time of incredible demand.”

Viviana Janer

Chairwoman, Osceola County Commission