On Wednesday, the picturesque setting of the St. Cloud Marina Building provided the backdrop for an impactful event: Help Now of Osceola‘s Amethyst Breakfast. Attended by community leaders, elected officials, and compassionate individuals, the morning served as a momentous occasion to recognize outstanding contributions in supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, while reaffirming the collective mission to eradicate this pressing issue.

Amidst a gathering of caring community members, the ceremony, led by Help Now Executive Director Tammy Douglass, opened by Help Now’s Board of Directors Chair Danicka Ransom, and MCd by Positively Osceola’s Keith Ronan, shone a spotlight on three exceptional Gem Award winners, individuals and entities whose unwavering commitment has significantly contributed to the cause.


Kissimmee Police Help Now

The Citrine Gem Award of Safety: Honoring Kissimmee Police Department

The Kissimmee Police Department received the prestigious Citrine Gem Award for their longstanding partnership with Help Now. Their dedication spanned decades, offering crucial support by providing safe transportation to shelters for victims. Moreover, their active involvement in community initiatives, including hosting the DV task force, leading awareness rallies, walks, and candlelight vigils, showcased their remarkable commitment to ensuring safety for survivors.

Aquamarine Gem Award

The Aquamarine Gem Award of Empowerment: Recognizing The Welcome Table Ministries

The Welcome Table Ministries, represented by Dr. Sandra Nixon Tynes, received the esteemed Aquamarine Gem Award for their extensive service spanning countless survivors over many years. Their steadfast support and empowerment initiatives have touched the lives of numerous individuals navigating through challenging circumstances.

Dr. MaryAnn Haseldon

The Jade Gem Award of Healing: Celebrating Dr. MaryAnn Haselden

Dr. MaryAnn Haselden, a certified domestic violence advocate, was honored with the distinguished Jade Gem Award for her remarkable contributions. Her dedication as a volunteer, supervisor, and active involvement in various committees and task forces demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to healing and supporting survivors in their journey towards recovery.

The event was not only a celebration of these remarkable individuals and organizations but also served as a platform to highlight Help Now’s four decades of dedicated service. Over the past year alone, the organization provided refuge to over 300 individuals in their shelter, while thousands more received vital support and resources through the Outreach Advocacy Center.

The Amethyst Breakfast showcased the profound impact made by the Osceola County community in aiding victims and survivors of domestic violence. Through collective efforts and unwavering determination, attendees were reminded of the crucial goal: to put an end to domestic violence.

As Help Now of Osceola continues its vital work, their commitment to providing safety, empowerment, and healing remains unwavering. The event was a testament to the power of community engagement and solidarity in creating a safer, more compassionate society for all.

Help Now

Help Now of Osceola’s recent Amethyst Breakfast brought together passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting survivors and ending domestic violence.

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