Hope Partnership in Osceola County is announcing a new “Homelessness 101” video series just in time for Homelessness Awareness month in November!

This new “Homelessness 101” series will cover topics including:

  • Who doesn’t have a safe place to call home
  • Common misconceptions
  • Reasons why people can experience homelessness

“One of the ways that we want to empower our neighbors, strengthen communities and build hope is through education and advocacy. We hope that this video series helps our communities better “see” our neighbors experiencing homelessness and the systems and structures that lead to poverty,” Hope Partnership CEO Reverend Mary Lee Downey shared.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Homelessness 1019 video series from Hope Partnership. Once released, Positively Osceola will be sure to share!

Hope Partnership aims to provide a holistic continuum of care in order to end homelessness and poverty in Central Florida. We will do this by connecting service providers, businesses, investors and clients with evidence based solutions and trauma-informed care practices in order to strengthen communities, empower our neighbors, and build hope.

For information about Hope Partnership, visit thehopepartnership.org