It’s April 16th and that means it’s National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day!!

Now, this used to be a bit of a “giggle” holiday, but with the stay at home order in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people in the community are already donning some serious PJ action through most of the day.

Thanks to social media, epic zoom conferencing fails have revealed person after person only concerned with what they’re wearing on the top half, while being adorned in PJs on the bottom – only to reveal the “bottom half'” as they walk away from the zoom discussion unaware that the camera was still LIVE.

While some people call this day “one of the he best holidays of the year,” it was created for fun. Wearing pajamas to work was intended to create a laid back and relaxed atmosphere while working. Wearing pajamas can offer a little relief from the stress that often comes with traditional workplaces. The day helps to let go of the anxiety and offers a few more minutes of sleep for those who need a little extra z-time before heading to the workplace.

Appropriate styles of pajamas typically include tops and bottoms, of course. Wear the cozy flannel or snazzy silk. Cotton always breathes so well, too. Cartoon characters are always fun. But, be sure to cover your feet, too. Slippers or other footwear are a great add on… and in some cases, a must.

So, if you working from home, this is a prime opportunity to wear your pajamas and invite the rest of the world to enjoy the comfort dressing down for the day. Take photos of yourself working and be sure to post them using #WearYourPajamasToWorkDay.

Have some fun with it…it’ll help some of the boredom that may have already set in during the stay any home order. And, if your job is deemed as essential, well – wearing PJs to work may be just what you’ve looking for – maybe ask the boss first!