The work being done at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center right now is nothing short of heroic.

Not too long ago the hospital expanded its emergency room, front main entrance and is in the midst of building its new medical office building. Now its staff is being asked to respond to the country’s greatest health crisis in a century.

With the support of the rest of the community and its responders, it’s clear that the city of St. Cloud is, #StCloudProud and #StCloudStrong in the fight against COVID-19 together.

On Tuesday, members of the St. Cloud City Council and city leaders, St. Cloud Police Department and St. Cloud Fire Rescue — donning their face coverings, of course — thanked St. Cloud Regional’s nurses, doctors and staff for all that they are doing to stay ahead of their own curve.

“We love you guys, we appreciate you guys, the work you’re doing, we’re not taking it for granted,” Mayor Nathan Blackwell said. “We consider you our heroes. We often take things for granted until something like this comes along, and this is going to make just appreciate you that much more.”

Lt. Denise Roberts of the St. Cloud Police Department presented a banner to hospital CEO Brent Burish that said “Heroes Work Here”, and members of the police, fire and EMS teams put on a blue and red light parade for hospital staff. Burish then gave the appreciation right back to the city.

“We consider our first responders, the police, fire department and EMS, our heroes, and we appreciate our partnership with you. Our medical staff has served, and will continue to serve, during this pandemic for however long this lasts,” he said. “The show of support from the community, even small gestures, is overwhelming. I think we’ve had food donated every day. This community has really poured out its support.”