Among many other things, today, April 25th, is National Hairball Awareness Day!

Seriously… National Hairball Awareness Day draws attention to a problem many cat lovers face. Yes, that’s right… hairballs!

The formation of hairballs is a common feline condition that is brought on by self-grooming and the associated ingestion of hair. Cats pass the hair through their digestive track or will vomit the hairball. If they don’t eliminate the hairball from their digestive track one way or the other, hairballs can create an obstruction. Obstructions can cause serious medical issues for a cat. So, actually, hairballs can be looked at as a positive thing.

Tips for Managing Hairballs

  • Regular grooming helps reduce the amount of hair your cat ingests. Bushing your cat every day also has the added benefits of reducing the amount of shed hair around the house and offers your cat some extra attention.
  • Look for products that help to prevent hairballs. Shampoos and wipes may reduce the amount of shedding.
  • Some types of cat food may help to reduce the amount of shedding, too. Designed to improve the health of a cat’s coat, the foods are nutritionally packed. 

So, they’re you have it… a National Day unlike most. By all means feel free to share photos of your fav cat, hopefully without a hairball in the pic!