It is another hot one in Osceola County, and with a slightly lower chance of rain today, we’re all looking for a great way to cool down and beat the summer heat? 7-Eleven has you covered today with a FREE Slurpee today!

Today, Wednesday July 11th is the unofficial holiday we’ve all been waiting for: 7-Eleven Day — better known as Free Slurpee Day! Stop by any participating 7-Eleven convenience store today between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., and you can walk out with a free small Slurpee, no other purchase necessary!

How do you not take 7-11 up on that?

7-11 estimates that they will give away 9 million small Slurpees today… now that’s a lot of wonderful slurpiness!

What’s really awesome is  the free Slurpee still counts as a “punch” on the 7-11 loyalty card app! So not only do you take away a free ice-cold Slurpee, it also counts toward your next free drink!

If you shop at 7-Eleven often and are not already a member of the 7Rewards program, you really should download the app right now. The program allows you to claim your seventh self-serve beverage for free when you purchase six self-serve drinks. Your qualifying drinks can be anything from 7-Eleven’s self-serve menu, including iced coffee, hot drinks, Gulp cold drinks, Big Gulps and Slurpees.

So, make a plan today to head over to 7-11 and enjoy a cool, refreshing and always heat quenching Slurpee!