Summertime in Florida brings beachside fun and sea turtles looking to nest to its shores. As nesting season begins the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds those visiting the beaches to take extra care to protect these endangered marine animals.

Keeping the beaches dark at night by avoiding the use of flashlights and cellphones will ensure the safety of nesting mothers and the success of hatchlings making it to the ocean. For those with waterfront property or planning to visit waterfront property, the FWC is requesting that lights be turned off and curtains be closed at night to guarantee the beach will be as dark as possible.

Another way to help with sea turtle safety is to keep the beach clean and open. Before leaving, properly dispose of all trash, fill in holes in the sand and put away chairs, boats and toys. Turtles may become trapped if there is not a clear path to their nesting location and back to the ocean.

One of the most dangerous items, if left on the beach, is fishing line. Sea turtles along with shore birds and other animals can get caught and injured by the line. To find a proper disposal location for fishing line, visit

Most Florida beaches are open but CDC coronavirus precautions should still be followed avoiding groups larger than 10 and staying ten feet from other parties.

For other ways to help sea turtles during nesting season and other animals throughout the year, please visit