Toho Water Authority,  the largest provider of water, wastewater and reclaimed water services in Osceola County,. is announcing the temporary closure of the southbound lanes on Poinciana Blvd. between and US 192 and Siesta Lago Dr. The closure is necessary to conduct a road repair due to a water main installation in the area.

The outside southbound lane remains closed from 2800 N. Poinciana Blvd. to 2770 N. Poinciana Blvd. Additionally, one of the two left-turn lanes on West Bound US192 onto South Bound Poinciana Blvd. will remain closed, as well as one of the South Bound  lanes on Poinciana Blvd. north of US192.

Motorists and pedestrians are urged to use caution when approaching these areas, as speed limits may be reduced in certain areas. The public should expect there to be noise and vibrations, barricades and fencing for safety, and trucks, machinery, and equipment in the vicinity of the road repair work.

Signage will be placed as needed to keep the traveling public informed of the project.