School may be closed, and learning may be distance for a while, but it’s time for students to THRIVE.

Junior Achievement of Central Florida has developed a weekly “virtual backpack” filled with resources to help Central Florida’s K-12 students, their teachers and parents THRIVE (The Home Resource In Virtual Education) at home!

Through the help of nearly 1,000 volunteers, JACF serves nearly 30,000 K-12 students across Central Florida. While we can’t wait for our volunteers to join students again when schools reopen, the goal is to help adults find meaningful ways to keep all students planning for and dreaming about tomorrow … and worry less about the problems happening today.

Week 1 of THRIVE kicked off last week, with resources and activities. Use and share JA THRIVE with anyone helping students while they learn from home, and keep your ideas and requests coming., A member of our JACF staff can help walk you through any lessons and also hep you modify lessons, so students are successful. Email us at for any help needed.

JA USA is helping teachers and parents gain access to student lessons, materials and resources that can be guided with the help from an adult or completed by a student independently. Then check out what our JACF staff has selected for you this week to help you reduce the stress of sharing K-12 Distance Learning resources with your students and children.

JA has a great new podcast, The Money Jar, a podcast about Kids, Families and Money. Show hosts Todd Yuzuriha and Mindy Lockard pair their unique perspectives with a mild dose of humor as they attempt to demystify the common challenges all families face while trying to educate their children on the economics of life. From money apps for kids to teaching young people how to find their dream job, our show is designed to be a practical catalyst for meaningful dialog, helping families to begin conversations around the subjects of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and being ready for the workforce ahead. It’s all apart of a healthy diversion during these challenging times.