While Osceola County added seven COVID-19 cases overnight (and no deaths or hospitalizations) to reach 516 cases, there’s even more good news to share this Monday, aside from some of our favorite restaurants and retail shops re-opening today.

The Florida Department of Health’s report of percent of coronavirus testing in the county, a total of 1,927 coronavirus tests were performed at multiple locations. Only 58 were positive. That’s just 3 percent.

Overall, 6,637 tests have been done, and 7.88 percent have returned positive (the statewide rate is 8.3 percent). That number was in the double-digits and as high as 14 percent early in April.

This means more people are testing, and fewer are showing up positive. Weekly counts of emergency room visits with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms have also dropped into the single digits, according to the DOH.

Florida health officials reported 819 new cases of COVID-19 and 20 additional deaths in the state since Sunday. None of the most recently reported deaths were in Central Florida.

State officials will closely monitor all of those numbers as restaurants, retail outlets and some parks re-open today, and health officials hope the percentage of new cases will continue to plateau or drop as social distancing and other precautions are working.

The state’s death toll is now at 1,399 with a total number of 36,897 cases. Over 16,000 tests have been done, now up to over 445,000 tests statewide. The statewide positive rate is 8.3 percent.