The City of Kissimmee, in partnership with Waste Management, celebrated the academic excellence of the city’s after-school program participants by awarding brand-new bicycles. The event took place at the Chambers Park Community Center in Kissimmee.

Waste Management recently hosted a workshop to assemble the 40 bicycles. Senior Executive Jose Boscan stated, “Recognizing the potential impact these bikes could have, we reached out to the City of Kissimmee to honor the exceptional achievements of these young students.”

The City of Kissimmee Commission and Parks and Recreation Department coordinated the recognition and reward of 31 after-school participants who demonstrated academic excellence by achieving honor roll status.

Kissimmee Bike Giveaway
Kissimmee Bike Giveaway
KIssimmee Bike Giveaway

“On behalf of the City Commission, I want to emphasize that it brings us great joy to see these deserving kids being rewarded and using these bikes around the City of Kissimmee bike trails or the Kissimmee Lakefront Park,” Mayor Olga Gonzalez shared at the bike giveaway event.

The students were chosen from among the participants of Club C, Fun Club, and the Dynamic After School After Hours (D.A.S.H.) programs, which are dedicated to fostering learning, growth, and enjoyment.

The City of Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Director, Steve Lackey, said, “The additional bikes donated by Waste Management will be raffled off at The City of Kissimmee Back-to-School event this year, an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the start of a new school year.”