The City of Kissimmee, Kissimmee Utility Authority, and Toho Water Authority held their annual Employee Memorial Service on Friday, March 8 at 10:00 a.m. The ceremony unfolded in front of Kissimmee City Hall, paying homage to the commitment and service of past employees.

This yearly gathering stands as a homage to those who have departed, including individuals who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and those who concluded their careers following years of loyal service. A key feature of the service is a lasting monument at City Hall, reminding us of these individuals’ contributions and their roles in fostering the city’s growth and future.

Kissimmee Memorial
KIssimmee Memorial Service
KIssimmee Memorial Service

Initially set up in 1988 after the city’s first police officer, Thomas “Bart” Bartholomew, fell in the line of duty, the employee monument is deeply significant to the community. After a temporary move to Kissimmee Lakefront Park in 1993, it was returned to its original place at City Hall in 2010, representing the lasting legacy of those it commemorates.

The program details included various segments such as the Posting of Colors by the Kissimmee Fire Department Honor Guard and the Kissimmee Police Department Honor Guard, Justin Hetu of City of Kissimmee serving as the Master of Ceremonies, a rendition of “The Way We Were” by Barbra Streisand performed by Deborah Ashley of City of Kissimmee, and a keynote speech by Mike Steigerwald, City Manager of Kissimmee, among others.

In this solemn occasion, individuals remembered and honored through the placement of a rose included:

Thomas A. Bartholomew: 1980-1983, City of Kissimmee
William J. Krygier: !984-1986, City of Kissimmee
Ernest “Pappy” Keene, 1974-1987, City of Kissimmee
Janet L. Volk: 1984-1987, City of Kissimmee
George B. Hoagland: 1980-1987, City of Kissimmee
Carl A. Wall: 1977-1988, KUA
Terry Stewart: 1976-1989, City of Kissimmee
Edward J. Pagliaro: 1981-1989, City of Kissimmee
James St. Clair: 1958, City of Kissimmee
Gene Murdock: 1990-1991, City of Kissimmee
Kevin Klinger: 1986-1991, City of Kissimmee
Alto Hill: 1973-1992, City of Kissimmee
Ralph R. Downing: 1985-1992, City of Kissimmee
Douglas O. Parsons: 1979-1993, City of Kissimmee
J. Wayne Cable: 1983-1993, KUA
Nelson Martin: 1983-1993, KUA
Ricardo Dickson: 1981-1994, City of Kissimmee
Edward Lowe: 1973-1994, City of Kissimmee
Jerome “Willy” Will: 1991-1995, City of Kissimmee
Jr., Cindy S. Porter: 1985-1995, KUA
Richard R. McLaughlin: 1976-1995, Toho Water Authority
Dennis M. Charleston: 1967-1995, KUA
Pamela Perry: 1977-1999, City of Kissimmee
James Ravencraft: 1987-1999, City of Kissimmee
Sharon Miller: 1986-2000, City of Kissimmee
David M. Coble: 1986-2002, City of Kissimmee
Paul A. DeRojas: 1985-2002, City of Kissimmee
Harvey L. Gunn: 2000,2003, Toho Water Authority

Judith Russo: 1985-2003, City of Kissimmee
Josener Aguinaldo: 1997-2004, KUA
Ivar Ballod: 1993-2006, Toho Water Authority
Nakeysi Calas: 1986-2006, KUA
Robin Burton-Jenkins: 2004-2007, City of Kissimmee
Emilio Crespo: 1996-2007, Toho Water Authority
Linda Swan: 1990-2008, City of Kissimmee
Roger Wisler: 1989-2009, KUA
Jeffrey Kronauge: 2000-2009, KUA
Shelby Stapleton: 1990-2010, City of Kissimmee
Robert Deem: 2000-2010, Toho Water Authority
Patrick Abbaticchio: 2001-2010, City of Kissimmee
Ron Young: 1990-2010, Toho Water Authority
Loi Hoang: 2001-2011, KUA
Anita Smith: 2005-2012, City of Kissimmee
Danny Lunsford: 1984-2012, City of Kissimmee
Bill Clark: 1979-2012, City of Kissimmee
Donald Garmany: 1999-2013, City of Kissimmee
Cindy Bryan: 2000-2013, KUA
William Manning: 2001-2013, City of Kissimmee
Terri Huckins: 2007-2015, KUA
Michael Reedy: 1991-2014, City of Kissimmee
Matthew Baxter: 2014-2017, City of Kissimmee
Richard Samuel Howard III: 2007-2017, City of Kissimmee
Chris Jones: 1991-2018, Toho Water Authority
Michael Swett: 2006-2018, City of Kissimmee
Minh Son: 2005-2020, KUA
Gerald Latour: 1996-2023, Toho Water Authority
Mario Lopez: 7/23-11/23, Toho Water Authority
Victor Winkler: 1984-2024, Toho Water Authority
Gary Cosgrove: 2014-2024, Toho Water Authority

Their dedication and contributions were celebrated, ensuring their legacies continue to inspire and resonate within the community.