The Coronavirus outbreak has been the catalyst to many changes in Osceola County, the State of Florida, our nation, and the world. Social distancing has become a reality and we are still under a mandatory stay at home order in Osceola County and throughout the state. We are working together as a community in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19, and to save lives, while hoping we will soon be able to relax some of the current restrictions while still being safe.

When CDC guidelines recommended that there no longer be gatherings of more than ten, churches found themselves in a precarious situation. How would they conduct worship services with those restrictions, and they don’t physically meet, how do they preach to their congregations and how can they worship together? The answer was technology… the churches began providing worship services via LIVE streaming, and it worked. Granted, for most people it’s just not the same, but it’s been a solution that as helped ministries stay open for their church members. And, it’s made it possible for church members to give online.

We have listed those ministries that we are aware of in and around Osceola County and that are having worship services. Please take a look, and if your church is LIVE streaming and isn’t on the list just let us know, and we’ll be glad to add it.

LIVE Streaming Worship Services in and around Osceola County