This is the time of the year when those who are utilizing Medicare should review their current Medicare plan to ensure that it is still meeting their current health requirements. Every year insurance companies make changes to their plans that will take effect on January 1st. At times they drop certain prescription drugs from the plans, which canlead to increased costs the next time those medications are purchased by seniors. They may also change the tier level of certain medications, increase premiums or the amount needed to be paid at the pharmacy.

A senior’s plan may no longer be the best plan for them so not evaluating each year can be a costly mistake. What can seniors do to avoid any unnecessary increased costs for their coverage in the coming year? They can sit with a SHINE volunteer to review their coverage and ensure that they have the most appropriate coverage for themselves and their spouse for the coming year.

Shine Volunteers are at the Osceola Council of Aging the first and Third Tuesday of every month from 10AM to 12PM. They are also at the St Cloud Senior Center on the second and fourth Tuesday from 10AM to 12PM and at The Hart Library in down town Kissimmee on the second Wednesday of every month from 10AM to 12PM. Seniors are asked to bring a list of all their medications and dosages with them for this review. The SHINE volunteer will provide free and unbiased advice the best plan available for their needs.

If these times are not convenient you may call: 407-514-1800 ext. 3 and a SHINE volunteer will contact the senior within three to seven days.