The City of Kissimmee Fire Department regularly and proudly recognizes the extraordinary commitment and service of its Firefighters and Paramedics that selflessly protect the Kissimmee community every day. Recently, they recognized what they called the ‘Heart of their Firefighting Team,’ Jamie Steffen,  a remarkable individual who has been with the department for seven years.

Jamie’s story is one of passion turned profession. Her initial calling to help others emerged during her high school years as a lifeguard, later transitioning into the service industry. However, it was a pivotal moment at the scene of a traffic accident that ignited her desire to pursue a career in fire service.

“Jamie’s upbeat personality and ability to stay calm under pressure make her a beacon of reassurance for both her colleagues and the community we serve,” the City of Kissimmee stated in a social media post on Facebook.

With tenacity and perseverance, Jamie completed her EMT certification, subsequently rising through the ranks to become a firefighter, paramedic, and a skilled apparatus driver. Her drive for personal growth didn’t stop there; she is currently honing her expertise as an acting engineer and lieutenant, with her sights set on becoming a full-time Lieutenant.

Known for her positivity and composure in the most challenging situations, Jamie’s presence is a source of comfort to her team and the Kissimmee community. As she continues her professional development, including furthering her education, Jamie exemplifies the essence of unwavering commitment and the pursuit of excellence.

Join us in applauding Firefighter/Paramedic Jamie Steffen for her dedication and service, which not only enhances the City of Kissimmee Fire Department, but also positively inspires and safeguards our community.

Source: City of Kissimmee Fire Department, Photo Source: City of Kissimmee Fire Department