The Kissimmee Fire Department opened its doors to the community on Saturday with an engaging and informative Open House event at Fire Station 13 in Kissimmee, giving residents of all ages the unique opportunity to meet their local heroes and learn more about fire safety and prevention.

Under the leadership of Fire Chief Jim Walls, the open house showcased the daily responsibilities and rigorous demands of the fire service. Chief Walls and his team of dedicated firefighters led tours of the station, providing guests with a behind-the-scenes look at the operations and equipment critical to firefighting and emergency medical services.

“Station 13 is the Larry Brown Memorial Fire Station, and today we invited the community to come out and be a part of all the activities. We had a kids combat challenge, raffle prizes, free hotdogs, and many more activities for adult family members and kids. It was a great way for the community to learn about Larry Brown, his legacy, and why we named Station 13 after him,” Fire Chief Jim Walls shared at the Fire Station Open House on Saturday.

Kissimmee Fire Open House
Kissimmee Fire Open House
Kissimmee Fire House

The Open House featured a variety of educational presentations aimed at enhancing community knowledge on fire safety, prevention techniques, and the essentials of being a firefighter. These presentations highlighted how the department is evolving to meet the growing needs of Kissimmee’s community.

Attendees also enjoyed interactive demonstrations of firefighting equipment and gear. These hands-on demonstrations allowed both kids and adults to see firsthand the tools used by firefighters to manage emergencies and ensure public safety.

In addition to tours and demonstrations, the event included workshops where firefighters shared tips on how to stay safe in case of a fire. These workshops were part of the department’s goal to deepen the relationship with the community and enhance overall safety awareness.

The Kissimmee Fire Department’s Open House not only gave residents an opportunity to learn about fire safety but also served as a platform to strengthen community bonds and showcase the critical work done by the department. It was a day filled with valuable learning experiences, making it a perfect outing for families looking to support and learn more about the heroes who work tirelessly to keep their community safe.