Today, July 6, is National Hop-A-Park Day, and is about celebrating the amazing parks across the United States. In Osceola County, there are some amazing parks to discover, to experience, and to fall in love with!

In a time where more and more occupations take place indoors and are connected to technology, taking time to explore our local public parks, green spaces and outdoors as much as possible has become more and more essential to leading healthy and fulfilled lives.

Getting away from technology, televisions and other digital devices, and opening up to exploring the natural beauty that exists in our community parks can be life changing.

Take a peaceful stroll, or throw a frisbee around with friends or family. Enjoy a quiet lunch amidst the wonder of natural florida, or kayak down a slow moving creek in the headwaters of the everglades. Whatever your choice in enjoying our parks, National Hop-a-Park Day can be a catalyst of natural exploration that you’ll never forget.

How many parks are there in Osceola County? You might be surprised. Osceola County currently manages over 40 parks and recreation facilities. There are awesome recreational pathways perfect for a healthy jog or walk, sports fields for youth & adults, nature trails to explore florida’s wildlife, meeting places for the community and exciting lakefront vistas for fishing, swimming and boating. Click here to learn more about Osceola County parks!

Being able to access green grass and hear the birds singing in the trees positively impacts our daily lives. Experiencing the outdoors and filling our lungs with clean and health-bringing air, enjoying connecting with others in an open space in the great outdoors, can bring  a whole new meaning to life. Parks can open our eyes, ears and our hearts to nature.

So, Positively Osceola encourages everyone to participate in National Hop-A-Park Day, bur more than just today. Begin to make parks a regular part of life for you, and those you love.

Happy National Hop-A-Park Day!