The National Hurricane Center has put together webinars for fourth, fifth and sixth graders this week for parents looking for a new and interesting educational tool for their home-bound, distance-learning children.

The response was so great for the ones scheduled Tuesday and Thursday — they filled up — the NHC has opened a third one for this Friday (April 24) from 11 a.m.-noon. Register now to keep from getting locked out since the webinar is limited to 500 participants.

While it is geared toward the three grades 4-6, others can join in, too. During each webinar, students will learn about hurricanes, the hazards that come with them and how the NHC forecasters tell the public about the storms. These webinars will focus on the job of a meteorologist, the weather hazards that come with hurricanes, and how meteorologists get you the weather information you need before a storm.

As a reminder to the adults, Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1, just six weeks away.