As of Thursday morning, Osceola County had 42 reported cases of COVID-19. As with the rest of the area, expect that number to keep climbing as testing expands and more cases are confirmed.

Which means area hospitals, urgent care centers and emergency rooms are likely to see all those increased cases. They’ll need to treat the patients safely, with masks, gloves, goggles and other personal protection gear.

There’s just boxes of all that sitting in county Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school Health Science classes, and so it’s been put to good use, donated to area hospitals fighting the coronavirus on the front lines.

“We heard hospitals were running low on things that were sitting in the classrooms, at it could be better used in the community,” district spokesperson Dana Schafer said.

There aren’t hard numbers because … well the stuff just came pouring in.

“Boxes and boxes, how’s that?” Schafer said.

The first batch went Advent Celebration Health on Monday, and more went out Wednesday to St. Cloud Regional at Osceola Regional. Poinciana Regional is also in the plans.

“We want to make sure all of our hospitals are taken care of,” Schafer said.