A $1.7 million aviation investment at Kissimmee Gateway Airport and an office expansion the city’s Medical Arts District made business news in Kissimmee last week.

The City Commission announced the addition of two companies coming to town bringing Qualified Target Industry (QTI) targets.

Mach1 Aviation will build a new 30,000 square foot hangar that will offer aerospace maintenance and repair overhaul services. The location will also be home to a new helicopter dealership. It will be the first new facility built in Kissimmee Gateway Airport’s new Business Airpark.

The City Commission also celebrated the expansion of VIP Family Practice, which will double its office space and create six new medical jobs. The company’s average annual wage will be $60,000.

The location on at 401 Oak Street across from Osceola Regional Medical Center is within the Kissimmee Medical Arts District, which was designed to create a hub of lucrative healthcare-related companies within the City.

“Traditionally, when medical practices expand, they tend to open up new offices in other areas; however, this expansion will not only grow much-needed service lines but these new medical jobs in our City,” said Belinda Kirkegard, Economic Development Director.