As of today, July 1, Florida’s new law, House Bill 321, prohibits the intentional release of balloons into the atmosphere. This legislation aims to address environmental concerns associated with balloon releases.

Under House Bill 321, individuals are forbidden from intentionally releasing, or causing others to release, balloons inflated with a gas lighter than air. The primary goal is to reduce litter and environmental damage caused by deflated balloons landing in natural habitats and waterways.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are specific exceptions to this law:

  • Balloons released by government agencies for scientific or meteorological purposes.
  • Hot-air balloons, provided they are recovered after launching.
  • Balloons released indoors.
  • Balloons released by children aged six years or younger.


Violating this law will be treated as an act of littering, subject to corresponding penalties. The new regulation reflects Florida’s commitment to environmental preservation by mitigating the negative impact of balloon debris on wildlife and ecosystems.