The Osceola County School District is planning ahead by allowing students in all grade levels to have a full day of school on the Wednesdays when state and national testing will be administered.  As such, parents should be advised that there will be no early release of students on the following Wednesdays:
-October 14, 2020
-May 5, 2021
-May 12, 2021
-May 19, 2021

Students will be dismissed from school on these days as they normally would on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. By lengthening the Wednesdays during testing, it allows more flexibility of the school-wide testing schedule. Schools will now have options to build in more opportunities for breaks between the different testing sessions to allow students to stretch, relax, and refocus.

Important information for high school students and parents: On October 14, 2020, Grade 9 students will be taking the PSAT, and Grade 12 students will be taking the SAT.  On October 29, 2020, Grade 10 and Grade 11 students will be taking the PSAT.  These national assessments, offered for free during the school day, are more important than ever to ensure all high school students have this opportunity to meet graduation requirements through concordant scores. They will also help guidance counselors work with students on scheduling for rigorous courses for second semester and next school year.

Because College Board does not permit administration of either the PSAT or SAT virtually, digital learners will be required to report to their school on the days they are scheduled to test.  Face-to-face learners are encouraged to engage in digital learning on the days they are not assigned to test to allow schools to make arrangement for social distancing during test administration.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all students on campus for testing, however only current face-to-face learners may ride to and from school on a school bus.  Please watch for additional information from your child’s school.