Osceola County Vice Chairwoman Viviana Janer, presented awards to a special group of people on Monday afternoon during the County Commissioners Board Meeting.

  • Richard Halquist – Operations Manager – Emergency Management
  • Scott Glazier – Lieutenant – Sheriff Department
  • Rob Penney – Lieutenant – Fire/EMS
  • Sean Iafornaro – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Jason Somppi – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Brian Carroll – Battalion Chief – Fire/EMS
  • Jerry Hoffman – Lieutenant – Fire/EMS
  • Nicaud Ford – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Francisco Braga – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Allen Smith – Lieutenant – Fire/EMS
  • Blake Minor – Engineer – Fire/EMS
  • Geoffrey Galvin – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Joe Goodberlet – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Robert Hammond – Firefighter – Fire/EMS
  • Mike Bell – Engineer – Fire/EMS
  • Carrie Hardy – Clerk – Animal Services
  • Heath Ford – Field Officer – Animal Services

In recognition of their heroic life-saving and property-protection services rendered in aid to victims of catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm, which hit the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018 and the devastating 2018 California wildfires, the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners recognized their services as going above and beyond the call of duty.

“On behalf of grateful communities everywhere, we are proud to recognize your superior service as first responders, and as critical participants in our nation’s National Incident Management System and Emergency Response Network.” – Vice Chairwoman Janer

Their exemplary service as first responders and their contributions to critical emergency response effort did not go unnoticed. This group of individuals have shown bravery and commitment and in return were presented with Certificates of Recognition and Appreciation.

Words cannot explain how proud we are to have these men and women in our community. Thank you to these everyday heroes who are committed to safety and strive to make a Positive Difference in Osceola County and the world!