Osceola County Chairwoman and Commissioner for District 2 Viviana Janer was named Chair of SunRail during the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission (CFCRC) meeting on January 26.

I am honored to be Chairwoman of The Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission again. Last time I served as Chair, we rang the station bells for the first time in Osceola! This time, I will be focused on the transition of operations from FDOT to local partners. With lots of studies going on for possible future expansion, the future is bright for Sunrail.

District 2 Commissioner Viviana Janer

Chairwoman, Osceola County

Janer was elected to the County Commission in 2014 and is currently serving her third term. In addition to being the Chairwoman of the Board of County of Commissioners, Commissioner Janer is the Chairwoman of the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission (SunRail), and the Vice-Chairwoman of the LYNX Oversight Board. Commissioner Janer also serves on the Tourist Development Council and the Boards of the Directors for Metroplan Orlando, LYNX, and the FAC Institute of County Government.

SunRail is a Central Florida passenger commuter rail system serving the City of Orlando, Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties. The Southern Expansion, which opened on July 30, 2018, connects Sand Lake Road in Orange County to Poinciana in Osceola County. This is a 17.2-mile segment that features four additional stations to the existing rail system

The four train stations that make up the southern expansion are Meadow Woods in Orange County, Tupperware, Kissimmee, and Poinciana, all in Osceola County.