Without a doubt, it’s been a challenging few years, and as a community, we’ve all been working together to ensure that everyone is safe, secure, and able to take care of their basic needs.

On Wednesday, March 29, Osceola County, along with Osceola County Chairwoman, and Commissioner for District 2 Viviana Janer, will host a Farm Share free drive-thru food distribution event at Archie Gordon Memorial Park at 420 Buenaventura Blvd in BVL, at 10am.

Grocery prices are high. Many can’t always afford to make healthy eating a priority, that’s why I’m always happy to partner with Farm Share that recovers crops from farmers so that they can be distributed in events such as this.

Viviana Janer

Chairwoman, Commissioner District 2, Osceola County

The free food distribution will be first come, first served – and will take place while supplies last. It’s a great way for families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity to receive some help from others who care.

Osceola County residents only please. For more information call 407-742-2000.