SpaceX took a look at today’s weather forecast for Cape Canaveral and decided it was a no-go until further notice.

SpaceX had planned on launching another round of Starlink satellites aboard its Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday, but Hurricane Sally had something to say about that. Sally churned up the Atlantic enough to cause SpaceX to stand down over concerns with its first stage landing site being at sea.

SpaceX has already launched more than 700 Starlink satellites, and was hoping to launch 60 more Friday afternoon, but SpaceX was facing the same situation today with only a 40% chance of favorable weather during the hoped for launch window.

So SpaceX officials put a stall on the idea and said they will not launch on Friday, but will announce a new target launch date as soon as possible.

When SpaceX does decides on the next launch date we’ll let you know, and Positively Osceola will be sure to broadcast it LIVE on our Facebook page.