Thanks to a partnership with KultureCity, a group that works and fights for acceptance for children with disabilities like autism instead of exclusion and segregation, the Osceola Library System is now the first Sensory Friendly Library System in Florida.

What’s that mean? In order to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by those with sensory processing disorders, the libraries now offer resources to assist and accommodate library patrons with sensory needs.

Sensory Bags are now available for use inside all Osceola libraries for as long as needed. Those bags include noise-reducing headphones, fidget tools, a visual cue card — things to help those with sensory issues feel more comfortable inside a library — and a KultureCity VIP lanyard they can wear. Branches will also have a weighted lap pad available upon request.

Each Library will designated “Quiet Areas” for those who need a quieter and more secure environment. “Headphone Zone” signs will also be posted in areas that tend to have increased noise levels.

It’s part of a pledge to create more sensory-friendly programming. Look for those friendly events in the library system’s “Sensory Friendly” event type to the online calendar.

County Commission Chair Viviana Janer said she’s proud that Osceola County could take the lead on this.

As the first library in the state to be certified as a sensory inclusive location, the Osceola Library System demonstrates our commitment to a sensory friendly environment and to programming that addresses the special needs of our citizens. 

Viviana Janer

Chairperson, Osceola County Commission