It is important to celebrate the significant history that has shaped Osceola County and to remember the contributions of countless citizens and the legacy it has made. 

At the Osceola County Commissioners meeting on Monday evening, a proclamation declaring July 5, 2019, to be known as Venezuelan Refuge Day was presented. The proclamation was given to  Mr. Ramos, President of the non-profit organization, Justice Shall Be For All, by Osceola County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry.

Justice Shall Be For All was established in 2001 to represent all immigrants throughout the community, and to help individuals overcome frustration and hostility with the development of knowledge through education. Justice Shall Be For All provides assists to help immigrants prepare correct documentation to achieve their status, residence, and nationalization. During the meeting, Osceola County Commissioners commemorated those that are, and have been politically persecuted.

Justice Shall Be For All fights for equality for all and respect for human rights, seeks to help women, children, and adolescents against abuse. The organization also provides the resources and information needed for government aid, Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps.

For more information on Justice Shall Be for All and the services provided by this organization please visit