On Tuesday morning, Osceola County held the official grand opening of Austin-Tindall Fire Station 67 that not only represented a significant achievement for the county and Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS, but also signified a stronger level of fire protection and emergency response for the surrounding community.

Although the county has consistently renovated and replaced existing fire stations in recent years, Station 67 is the first additional fire station put into service in over 30 years in Osceola County.

“Station 67 is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners to expand the fire service system and better serve the public,” said Osceola County Commissioner Ricky Booth. “By investing in the infrastructure for fire rescue and EMS, we are ensuring our citizens receive quicker and more efficient responses during emergencies. Today, we send a clear message of our commitment to the community and our firefighters.”

Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67

Before the opening of the $9.5 million state-of-the-art Station 67, which is is equipped with four bays, and designed to withstand hurricane force winds, the nearest fire stations to the Boggy Creek corridor were about 7 miles away, one located near Narcoossee and the other in the Buenaventura Lakes community.

Austin-Tindall Station 67 is staffed with 21 firefighters, and not only elevates the level of fire protection and emergency response in the area but also has a positive impact on the community’s Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating. The ISO rating measures a community’s preparedness for fires and is a determining factor for insurance companies when establishing premiums and coverage. With the opening of Austin-Tindall Station 67, the ISO rating for the immediate area has significantly improved, moving from 10 to 3. This improvement indicates the county’s effective preparedness measures and will potentially result in lower insurance costs for residents within the station’s service area.

Osceola County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, which necessitates the need for additional emergency services strategies and implementation. OS

Here are a list of changes that Osceola County has put in place since 2019 to better equip Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS:

  • 5 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Rescue (transport)
  • 3 Fire Engines with Advanced Life Support (ALS) Capability
  • 2 New Fire Stations Opened
  • 1 New Fire Station Construction Started
  • 1 Fire Station Relocation Construction Started
  • 81 New Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions
  • Replacement Equipment purchased in advance:
  • 2 ALS Engines
  • 3 ALS Rescues (transport)
  • 4,000 Gallon Tanker, Ladder, and Heavy Rescue
  • Second Set of Bunker Gear

What’s Next for Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS

  • Fire Station 83 – North Marigold in Kissimmee – Proposed Opening FY 2023-2024 Land Purchased in 2020
  • Fire Station 71 – Westside at Funny Steed – Proposed Opening FY 2023-2024, Land Purchased in 2019
  • Engine 64 – Please Hill Road Station – Proposed Service FY 2023-2024
  • Rescue 52 Pine Grove – Proposed in Service FY 2024-2025
  • Fire Station 43 Campbell City – Proposed in Service FY 2024-2025 Land Purchased 2018
  • Fire Station 77 Stonebrook – Proposed in Service 2026-2027, Land Purchased 2017
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67
Osceola Fire Station 67

“I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the Commission and the County Manager for their unwavering commitment and support to this process,” said Osceola County Fire Chief Larry Collier. “Station 67, along with the other stations we have built and will build, marks a commitment to action to protect lives and property when our community calls. Osceola County Fire Rescue continually strives to enhance the level of service it provides to the community. We are committed to excellence in emergency response, fire prevention, and community education.”

According to the county, Austin-Tindall Station 67 is just the beginning, as plans are already underway for the completion of another new station near Calypso Cay later this summer. The county has plans for a replacement station in Poinciana and a new station on West 192 near Entry Point Boulevard, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the growing population.