Osceola Sheriff Deputies arrested a man on Wednesday for carjacking an elderly woman’s car in a Poinciana Walgreen’s parking lot. According to the man,  he did it because he needed heroin.

Investigators said, 53-year-old Hector Saul Pastor-Leon got in the front passenger seat of an elderly woman’s car in the parking lot of a Walgreens located at 395 Cypress Parkway in Kissimmee, then reached over and turned the woman’s vehicle on and began yelling at her to not call anyone. According to the elderly woman, the man then began climbing into her driver’s seat causing her to run from the car in fear. The man them sped away in the woman’s car.

Osceola Detectives found the man driving the vehicle in the area, who after spotting the deputies, abandoned the vehicle in the parking lot of the WalMart located at 4444 W. Vine Street in Kissimmee. The suspect tried to escape by foot, but was apprehended in the garden center of the WalMart, arrested and  booked into the Osceola County Jail with a $24,000 bond for carjacking without a weapon,  and resisting arrest without violence.

 Anyone with information related to this case or any other similar incidents, please contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at (407) 348-2222.