On Wednesday, an Osceola Jury found Osceola Deputy Dirio Sinclair guilty of battery after hitting a hospitalized suspect last year.

On May 6, 2021 Deputy Sinclair was transporting an individual who had violated a domestic violence injunction to jail, but while doing so, the man in custody began hitting his head against the metal partition injuring himself. Deputy Sinclair transported the man to the hospital where he became agitated and exhibited signs of a mental illness. A doctor at the hospital then decided to Baker Act the man.

According to the sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sinclair walked over to the bed in the hospital room and pointed his finger, touching the man’s face. After being touched, the victim pushed Deputy Sinclair’s hand away. Deputy Sinclair then struck the man several times.

The agency investigated the incident and determined there was probable cause to charge Sinclair with battery.

Sinclair has been on leave without pay pending the outcome of the trial, but the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said it is now starting Sinclair’s  termination process.