The Osceola Magic’s mascot Swish, joined “The New Start Thrift Store” and ‘Clancy & Theys Construction Company” in reminding the community that the Education Foundation of Osceola County is still accepting donations for school supplies for the school year.

The New Start Thrift Store donated $2,000 and Clancy & Theys Construction Company donated $1,000 to the foundation’s school supply drive during Tuesday’s school board meeting.

The Education Foundation works tirelessly to ensure classrooms have adequate school supplies so our future teachers, leaders, and achievers can learn! According to surveys conducted by the foundation, more than 60% of students do not come prepared with the tools they need to succeed on the first day of school.

Through donations and additional grants from the community last year, the Education Foundation of Osceola County’s “A Gift For Teaching” program was able to distribute over $2 million in supplies to Osceola classrooms, at no cost to the teacher or student! There is still time to help students and teachers succeed this year.

To learn more about the A Gift For Teaching program and to donate, visit today!

Source: Education Foundation of Osceola

Photo Cred: Education Foundation of Osceola