Joey Chestnut slammed 62 Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes on July 4th and took home his 16th Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest win, devouring past James Webb, who slammed 47 dogs and buns, and Geoffrey Esper, who packed in 49 in the the men’s competition.

It only took 30 seconds for Chestnut to eat his first five hot dogs and buns, but that was merely a weiner warm-up as the defending champ was ingesting about 7 hot dogs per minute for much of the competition. Chesnut finished strong, pounding about 40 hot dogs and buns during the final 5 minutes. 

It was a rainy day on July 4th at Coney Island in New York, but what looked like a possible weather cancelation turned into another dominating contest for Chestnut.

On the ladies’ side, Miki Sudo grabbed her ninth victory at the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest with 39.5 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes and beating Mayo Ebihara from Japan who finish with 33.