Osceola County is fortunate to have one of 5,000 Meals on Wheels Programs in United States of America, and while not all Meals On Wheels programs are federally funded, most of them will be negatively impacted in some way if a federal financial cut takes place in September.

With the threat of that financial cut looming over the Meals on Wheels programs, Meals On Wheels has gathered all their programs across the country in order to increase awareness of the potential budget cut.

All week long Meals On Wheels programs are encouraging people to write a supportive message on a paper plate, use the hashtag #SAVELUNCH in their social media channels and to write to petition against the potential budget cuts for these life saving services.

Tomorrow morning at 8am at the Osceola Council On Aging Meals On Wheels will be the main focus of its Annual Benevon Breakfast. It’s an awesome opportunity for the community to better understand how impacting and far reaching the Osceola Council On Aging and Meals On Wheels are to Osceola County’s seniors and those in need.

Next week, between August 14th to August 18th, all the Meals On Wheels programs will be ensuring that their members from the Senate and House of Representatives receive their Meals On Wheels paper plates.

Yesterday, Wilda Belisle, director of Osceola’s Meals On Wheels, along with other Meals On Wheels representatives Yesenia Martinez, Maria Blackford, Cathy Arft and even a mermaid stated their case to the community by waving their signs and paper plates as Kissimmee residents and visitors drove through the Kissimmee Downtown area. The community embraced them by signing numerous paper plates that will hopefully end up being seen by members of Congress. Osceola Meals On Wheels thanks everyone who participate in yesterday’s event!