St. Cloud Florida can now claim that it has the best ice cream in the planet! That’s because FROZ-N is serving up nitrogen infused ice cream to the crowds 7 days a week in East St. Cloud. It’s not just the richest and creamiest ever…  it’s created right in front of the each customer and infused with liquid nitrogen…  making it the freshest ice cream you have ever had!

There is NO pre-frozen ice cream at FROZ-N7 . It just doesn’t exist! They are an ice cream store without traditional freezers to store the ice cream, so you know your ice cream creation is all about you and what you love in ice cream and sorbets!

Other ice cream stores use a freezer to store the ice cream before it gets to the freezer cabinet ready to be served to customers.  When you order FROZ-N7  Ice Cream, you see your liquid cream poured directly into your clean bowl, then flavored to your specification and frozen right there in front of you.   Next,  your selection of  mix-ins are added  along with  your choice of chocolate syrup, caramel or marshmallow creme.  Whipped creme or hot fudge are added upon request.  Last your dessert is put in a cup and served. It truly is the best ice cream on the planet… and it’s available right in St. Cloud at 1481 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, 34771.