At the Osceola County School Board meeting on May 3, the Osceola County School Board approved a tentative agreement with Osceola County Education Association, which was ratified by employees, providing $4.1 million in compensation increases for Education Staff Professional (ESP) Employees for three years:


One-time, non-recurring supplement per ESP bargaining-unit employee equal to the greater of $700.00 or three percent (3%) of the employee’s annual base salary; and

Two additional paid non-workdays for twelve-month employees [Rodeo Day and one additional day during Spring Break] in appreciation for the diligence shown by twelve-month employees who have worked throughout the pandemic, including during the spring school closure period.


$0.30 cents per hour salary increase for each ESP bargaining-unit employee;


One-time, non-recurring supplement per ESP bargaining-unit employee of $750.00; and

One-time, one-paycheck medical benefits premium deduction holiday per ESP bargaining-unit employee.

All Three Years:

Continued commitment to the district’s Center for Employee Health and to design changes to the district’s major medical Health Insurance Plan that continue to provide employees with health insurance coverage options, including a no-cost option for the individual employee, along with cost-savings and new choices for employees and their families; and

A Flexible Spending Account Match where the School Board matches the employee’s FSA savings of $750 or more with a contribution of $250 in order to assist the employee towards deductibles.

Both parties agree to return to salary negotiations for the 2022-2023 school year if the change in the available unrestricted Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) per-student funding is greater than two percent (2%).

“I speak on behalf of our dedicated School Board members when I say that we all are excited and anxious to see these dollars reach the hands and homes of our dedicated Education Staff Professionals (ESP) employees,” said School Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace. “We appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with the Osceola County Educators Association to honor and support the amazing work of our dedicated employees.”