The Osceola County School Board and the Osceola County Education Association have reached a tentative agreement on $9.5 million for salary increases for instructional personnel for the 2020-2021 school year.

Working within the mandates of Florida House Bill 641, Florida House Bill 5001, and within the limits of the Florida Legislature’s allocation for Osceola County, the School District will ensure all classroom teachers as defined in the statute earn the minimum base salary of $46,100. This would be retroactive back to July 1, 2020. HB 5001 specifically states that 80% of the district’s allocation be used for this purpose.

The remaining 20% of the district’s teacher salary allocation will allow the School Board to: 
–ensure all non-classroom instructional personnel earn the minimum base salary of $46,100; and 
–provide the following salary increases for eligible full-time instructional employees who are within the following pay ranges: 
               –$46,100 to $50,000 = $650 
               –$50,001 to $55,000 = $750 
               –$55,000 and above = $1,000 

Proposed changes to contract language would require teachers to continue to meet in Professional Learning Community’s on early release Wednesdays, but teachers would no longer be required to dedicate two planning periods each month to PLC’s.

The tentative agreement will now go to OCEA members for ratification and then to the School Board for approval.

“I speak on behalf of our dedicated School Board members when I say that we all are excited and anxious to see these dollars reach the hands and homes of our dedicated teachers before Winter Break,” said School Superintendent, Dr. Debra Pace.  “We appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with the Osceola County Educators Association to honor and support the amazing work of our dedicated educators.” 

The Osceola County Education Association posted on their Facebook page that they will be posting information on their website tomorrow. There are no additional comments on any of their social media channels currently, but we will update when more information becomes available. We have also reached out to the OCEA for comment.