The School District of Osceola County approved the new Student Appearance and Dress Code Policy for the 2019-2020 school year during Tuesday’s school board meeting.

Positively Osceola is sharing the following dress code updates that will apply to all K-12 Osceola County students to better prepare parents, teachers and the community for the new uniform expectations before summer vacation comes to an end.


  • Collared shirts are no longer required to be tucked into the waistband
  • Colored trim, stripes, or decorations will not be allowed.
  • School-sponsored shirts from the current school may be worn on Friday or other select days as approved by the Principal.


  • Belts are no longer a requirement
  • Navy blue, black, or khaki is acceptable (must be denim, corduroy, or twill fabric)
  • Colored trim, stripes, or decorations will not be allowed.
  • Athletic shorts including, spandex-style “bicycle” shorts, cut-off jeans or pants, cut-off sweat pants, short shorts, running shorts, and see-through boxer-type shorts are not permitted.
  • Undergarments must not be visible

Outer Garments:

  • Students may wear a school-sponsored sweatshirt (school logo) from the current school without a zipper. 
  • Any other outer garment must have buttons or a zipper. 
  • Long overcoats are not permitted.
  • Hoods must be removed from the head.

Other Appearance Policies (not necessarily clothing):

  • Students may only use one earbud when personal electronic devices are permitted by the Principal
  • Any visible body piercing/ body jewelry must be removed and not concealed (except for earings on the ears which are not oversized)

“Please note that these changes were made in order to assist with the enforcement of the dress code and make it more manageable for teachers and administrators.  It is the expectation of the superintendent the school board that this policy be enforced from day one of school and throughout the school year,” according to Deputy Superintendent, Thomas Phelps.

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