Highlights of the results for the Osceola School District on the spring 2017 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and End-of-Course (EOC) assessments are as follows:

FSA and EOC Math:  
All grades in elementary math increased by 4%.
Grade 6 increased by 2% and Grade 7 increased by 4%.
Grade 8 decreased by 1%.

*Osceola saw a greater increase in Grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 than the state average.

FSA ELA:       
All grades in elementary ELA increased.
Grade 6 saw a slight decrease of 1% and Grade 8 by 4%.
Grade 7 increased by 3%.
Grade 9 decreased by 1%.
Grade 10 increased by 5%, while the state showed no increase.

NGSSS Science and Biology 1 EOC:     
Grade 5 increased by 1%.
Grade 8 increased by 4%.
Biology 1 EOC increased 2%.

*Osceola saw a greater increase in Grade 5 Science than the state average.
 *Osceola saw a 4% increase in Grade 8 Science, while the state remained the same.
*The state did not show any increase in Grades 5, 8, or Biology EOC.
*Osceola saw a 2% increase and outperformed the state average in Biology 1 EOC by 6%.
Algebra 1 EOC: 
Osceola decreased 3%.

*Osceola saw an increase of 4% in Grades 4-8.
*Osceola saw a greater increase in Grades 4-8 Algebra 1 EOC than the state average.

Geometry EOC:    
Osceola decreased 8% in Grades 7-12.

*Osceola outperformed the state average in Grades 5-8 in Geometry EOC by 1%.
Algebra 2 EOC:       
Osceola increased 9%.

*Osceola matched the percentage of increase across the state.

Civics EOC:     
Osceola increased 4%.

*Osceola outperformed the state average in Civics EOC by 4%.

U.S. History EOC:    
Osceola increased 4%.

*Osceola saw a greater increase in U.S. History EOC than the state average.

“I am pleased with the incremental gains in student achievement that have been made in our schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace.  “We will continue to take steps to narrow the achievement gap with the state and neighboring school districts starting as early as this summer, as evidenced by the rich summer programs that are helping students, teachers, and school leaders to learn and grow.”