Parkway Middle School Principal Megan Gould hasn’t seen much of her teachers and staff and nearly all the students and parents since March 12 or so — the last day before Spring Break, and right about the time the coronavirus became a bona fide pandemic.

Gould was treated to a parade of happy, honking teachers, staffers and families that went at least two dozen-deep Friday to show their appreciation for her on National School Principals Day.

There were signs, there were a few gifts and, the Buenaventura Lakes neighborhood heard them, plenty of car horns.

This is Gould’s 10th year at Parkway as an assistant principal and principal. Her staff took to heart an online campaign to celebrate school principals and “Organize an event to thank your principal” on #SchoolPrincipalsDay.

Through the power of email and Zoom meetings, that staff conveniently left Gould out of, the Pirates staff arranged the Friday fun event. She got gifts of candy, wipes and a new scented mask.

“I was honored, so surprised, brought tears to my eyes, I feel truly appreciated,” Gould said. “Most of my staff has been here nearly as long as I’ve been principal (five years). It’s rare for a staff to stay together like that.”

As the CEO of a middle school, Gould needs to be able to plan for today, for next week, next month and next school year.

“Right now we’re really leaning on each other. When you go into a profession to make a difference in kids’ lives, you want to watch them learn and grow but right now we have to do it at a distance,” Gould said. “This is the kind of thing that’ll get us through these last few weeks of school.”

Positively Osceola appreciates the hard work of Parkway Middle’s Megan Gould and all of the county’s principals, assistant principals, deans, teachers and assistants who are making our schools go in this trying time!