Every June, young girls and women from all over Florida compete in one of three age divisions of the Miss Silver Spurs Pageant: Miss Silver Spurs, Junior Miss Silver Spurs, or Little Miss Silver Spurs. The winners become the next court of ambassadors for the Silver Spurs Rodeo.

This year’s pageant will take place on Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 6 PM.

The 2022 slate of Miss, Jr. Miss, & Little Miss Silver Spurs Pageant Contestants are:

Miss Silver Spurs:
Delia Benitez, Lacee Church, Jennifer Faraoni, Rae Lynne Kempfer, and Savannah Thomas

Jr. Miss:
Ryleigh Boro, Gianna Butler, LillyAnn Daugherty, Riley DeRosa, Haidyn Dykes, Teagan Frey, Grace Herb, Bella Kibler, Lindsey Yma

Little Miss:
Josie Cain, Hadley Ellis, Giana Fitzgerald, Hayden Kessler, Kylie Kimmel, Tessa McCommon, Anita Pifer, Marlee Shirah

Similar to beauty pageants, all the divisions go through an appearance, interview, and speech portion during the pageant, with the appearance portion including posture, suitability of their Western clothing, photogenic quality and more. The Miss & Jr. contestants will also be competing in horsemanship skills!

Miss Silver Spurs royalty represents the Silver Spurs Rodeo and the Silver Spurs Riding Club, therefore contestants must be well educated on the history of the Club, knowledgeable about rodeo events, and aware of current events in general.

Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th marks the return of the Silver Spurs Rodeo to the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee. It will be the first opportunity for the community to congratulate the winners of the Miss Silver Spurs Pageant. For tickets to the 149th Silver Spurs Rodeo go to SilverSpursRodeo.com.

For more information about Miss Silver Spurs, Junior Miss Silver Spurs, and Little Miss Silver Spurs, please contact Tihler Franey, Chairperson, at 321-624-9251.