Radial in Melbourne is hiring 1,567 workers to communicate with retail customers via phone, chat and social media during the holiday season, and many of the positions can be done from the home, using Radial’s equipment.

“With COVID, and with so many people being impacted or maybe displaced from their careers, this really offers them a chance at a new career,” said Deb Backiel, director of customer care at Radial’s Melbourne location.

“If they have customer service skills from another industry, they could transfer very well into our business,” Backiel said.

Radial staffs customer call centers that work with numerous major retailers, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, GameStop, Hallmark, Kate Spade, Keurig, PetSmart, Spanx and Urban Outfitters, according to the company website.

“Every holiday season, retail has a big growth spurt. And this year with COVID — and how e-comm has just grown so fast — it’s even more important now for us to bring in the right people to support our clients’ holiday season and peak,” Backiel said.

“They’re entry-level customer service positions. And they’re going to be helping so many customers place orders for the holidays, (and handle) customer service issues with packages,” she said.

Seasonal workers will be responsible for addressing key customer issues that drive sales and satisfaction during the holiday season while communicating with customers across multiple channels such as phone, chat, and social media. Backiel said seasonal workers can work at the Melbourne call center on Babcock Street or work remotely from home, a good fit for parents whose children are remote-schooling.

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